Sunday, October 19, 2014

It has been a long time and a lot has changed. In 2013 I accpeted a job as the Leasing Manager for Westfield. I managed the San Francisco Centre and Valley Fair (in San Jose).  Over the past two years I have experienced a lot and have gained a wide range of knowledege on business development.  My current focus is on how do we emerge e-Commerce, retail and technology.

Lately I have also been focusing on helping businesses grow. My job is to research new trends and look for first to market concepts.  Currently, I feel like I should have a blog to discuss new businesses and hear your opdinion on new businesses.  Tonight I found a business card for Over the Moon-Ice Cream and Cookies. They are located in the Marnia District of San Francisco. Has anyone been? What do you think about this business concept?
Another cool company I found was Chiching. Check them out at

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