Tuesday, August 28, 2012

San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival, August 25th, 2012.

Great article, by Gregory Lemmons, Lord Bertram, Professional Law Corporation.
Thank you for the shout out!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last night's San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival was absolutely stunning.  I feel so honored to be a part of the San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Network. Everyone involved in the production did a fabulous job.  I feel very proud to say my friend, Nate Duncan, was the MC. Smartwater was one of the many sponsors and FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising was also a sponsor.  Lots of students volunteered their time to help with the production of SFIFFF. Overall the production was amazing.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recently, I became a member of SFBA FN, San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Network.  I am thrilled to a  part of this amazing group.   The next big event we are planning for is the San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival on Saturday, August 25th.  Tickets are still available.  You can find out more about this amazing event at, http://after5media.com/   Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last night I attended the Perrier lounge event @ Hotel Diva in San Francisco with Michelle Balance.  Emily Detert a student at FIDM created the design for the Perrier Lounge.  It was great to see her work and enjoy an evening of networking.  The Perrier Lounge turned out fabulous,  thanks to Emily's creative eye and awesome vision.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tonight I attended the SFFAMA Workshop at FIDM in San Francisco.

Dane Golden presented on how you can market your brand on youtube. He also spoke about how you can effectively manage your videos to help you promote your product.  To learn more, please check out Dane Golden's blog at hey.com

Andrea Ruiz was another speaker tonight. She presented on google + and the benefits of using google +. One of the most interesting things I learned is hangouts on google +.  You can have live chat with your friends and be able to actually see them through the web cam.  You can use this for conference calls or chatting with your family. To learn more, please check out http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/
The best part about tonight was that several of my friends attended the event. Some of them being,

Vishal Kalia, Founder of Raf9, http://www.raf9.com
Brad Carrick, Founder of SOLZ, http://www.solzshoes.com
Tiffany Walker, Shoe Designer, www.tiffytoes.com
Baba Afolabi, SURU Clothing Designer,  http://www.suruclothing.com

and lastly I was forutnate enough to meet and sit next to Gregory Lemmons, Entertainment and Fashion Law Attorney at http://www.lordbertram.com/.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting local designers, Steven Arevalo, Jackie Lopez adn Kathryn Guinto. Steven and Jackie design for Ceravelo, www.ceravelo.com and Kathryn designs for Eufia, www.eufia.com. Both of them design eco-friendly garments.  They try to find all of their fabric locally and they are creating all of the garments here in the Bay Area. I personally look forward to potentially seeing both of their designs in  some of the upcoming fashion shows here in the Bay Area.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Big Networking Day,  August 5th, 2012

I first met up with Karen Song, founder of Stylematic App.  We discussed different branding options and headquarters that would potentially use Stylematic.  Currently, she is looking for a company that would like to partner with her. We also discussed how different body types need different styling solutions. There is not one way to style a woman. It all depends on your body type, taste and image.  You can't always follow the trend. You need to know what works for your body.  To find out more information about Stylematic, please visit http://stylematic.kickofflabs.com

After our meeting the two of us walked over to the 8th Annual Fashion on the Square Event, http://www.fashiononthesquare.com/,where we watched Joseph Domingo receive FOTS Designer of the year and watched stellar performances from Perception Dance Performance Troop and Dark Garden.  Joseph Domingo, http://josephdomingo.com/ ended the night with his beautiful gowns. After the event I hung out with the volunteers, Tiffany Walker and Nicole Turk and spoke to Joseph Domingo and Warren Difranco about their up coming event, San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival, http://www.sanfranciscointernationalfashionfilmfestival.com/  Please check out their website to purchase tickets to this fabulous event!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Last night I attended First Friday with SuRu in downtown Oakland.  My friends Alanna Rayford and Baba Afolabi hosted the event. Alanna is the Style House Visionary and Baba is the man behind the SuRu clothing line. Baba's philosophy is ,
According to the SuRu tale, one is given four choices of which only one can be chosen. The choices are Wealth, Fertility, Patience [SuRu] and Immortality. The moral of the tale is with SuRu [Patience] you can achieve all. By holding our garment, you’ve selected SuRu [Patience]. By wearing the garment, you are promoting diversity in the world.

  It was a super fun event and I felt proud to know such wonderful people and great designers. 


Friday, August 3, 2012

Last evening I had the pleasure of attending the trunk show, SATIATE YOUR SOLE with shoe designer, Tiffany Walker.  Tiffany and I had the pleasure of meeting shoe designer Dierde Wallace.  We lovely conversation with her and we were truly inspired by her designs. Please check out her shoe collection at,

Last night I had the opportunity to meet  knitwear designer, Scott Ian McFarland.  We had a lovely conversation and I look forward to seeing his collection at San Francisco Fashion Week. Please feel free to check out Scott's designs at www.scottianmcfarland.com