Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tonight I attended the SFFAMA Workshop at FIDM in San Francisco.

Dane Golden presented on how you can market your brand on youtube. He also spoke about how you can effectively manage your videos to help you promote your product.  To learn more, please check out Dane Golden's blog at

Andrea Ruiz was another speaker tonight. She presented on google + and the benefits of using google +. One of the most interesting things I learned is hangouts on google +.  You can have live chat with your friends and be able to actually see them through the web cam.  You can use this for conference calls or chatting with your family. To learn more, please check out
The best part about tonight was that several of my friends attended the event. Some of them being,

Vishal Kalia, Founder of Raf9,
Brad Carrick, Founder of SOLZ,
Tiffany Walker, Shoe Designer,
Baba Afolabi, SURU Clothing Designer,

and lastly I was forutnate enough to meet and sit next to Gregory Lemmons, Entertainment and Fashion Law Attorney at

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