Friday, September 7, 2012

A New Holiday, Fashion Night Out!

Last night I attended Fashion Night Out in San Francisco.  This is the 4th Annual Fashion Night Out and my 2nd time participating in FNO. Last year, I was a co-host with Brad Carrick, owner of SOLZ  and  Attorney for Lord Bertram, for SFFAMA at 5 Claude Lane. This year I went with my Team, Vishal Kalia and Tiffany Walker, from Raf9, along with my co-worker, Michelle, from FIDM.  We visited the new pop up shop, KENCHEN, in the Westfield Mall. We attended the VIP Fashion Night Out, where we met the photographer, Mark Janks and some other employees of the Westfield Mall. After visiting the Mall we headed over to 5 Claude Lane where SFFAMA had new and upcoming designers display their designs.  Some of my favorite were KENCHEN,,,, Good Boy and Monika Rose Style and Selection,  Below I have added a few pictures from last night! Hope you enjoy and hope to see you next year on September 6th, FASHION NIGHT OUT!

                                                                   RAW LEGENDS

                                                                         KEN CHEN

                                                                  GOOD BOY FRIDAY

                                               MONIKA ROSE STYLE & SELECTION

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